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World Class Welding & Cutting Equipments

WIM is a well established manufacturer of welding and cutting equipments. Founded in 1972, Welding Industries Malaysia is a leader and prime manufacturer of welding products with an on-going commitment to produce high quality, user friendly, industry specific, reliable, durable and technologically advanced welding equipments.

WIM India is an Indo-Malaysian Joint Venture between Welding Industries Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and Centroid Group, India and the combined experience in manufacturing, marketing, and service management enable us to provide our customers thoroughly researched, tested and customised solutions that meet the specific and varied requirements of our customers.


The vast host of welds that hold our material life together is produced by welders spread across many industries as diverse as aerospace, construction, fabrication, oil and natural gas, ship building, automobiles, medical equipment and all manufacturing units.


The Indian welding market is dominated by the use of manual welding equipment. However, with several end-users creating demand for automated equipment to support higher productivity WIM INDIA is fast expanding in every part of the globe to provide better sales and service support.


Quality of welding is more important for efficient performance of any product or structure. Because inaccurate welding can cause frequent repairs and welding fractures in the susceptible structures such as bridges, ships, and storage tanks can cause serious loss of life and property.


Bonding as strong as Welding!

We are committed to providing technologically advanced, reliable and highly durable products and industry knowledge along with superior customer service and support. Our sales and service team is always ready to guide you in pre-sales and post-sales services or any technical assistance regarding welding.

We are keen to expand our network by tying up with a committed and devoted team of channel partners across the globe. Call us on our toll-free 1800 103 3421 or you can reach us through email at &

Our Products

We produce most advanced, reliable and durable welding and cutting equipments with excellent after-sale service support. WIM range includes MMA, MIG, TIG, Spot Welding, Plasma Cutting, Plasma Welding and Robotic Automation. About 70% of more than 60 models of Welding Machines, particularly key parts like transformers and PCBs are made by WIM.


There is a huge shortage of qualified welding technicians across industries, not just in India but world over. To fill the skill gap, WIM India has tied up with GTTI to set up a welding institute in offering various long and short-term courses. This institute has been approved by Indian Institute of Welding as one of their Authorized Training Institutes.


Do you like the idea of working outdoors? Love traveling and moving up in the world by developing new skills? Welding industry grows steadily and it is part of just about everything you see and touch every day: the car you drive, the bridge you drive over, and the school or mall you drive to. Click here to know and apply for the job openings at WIM India.