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Single phase, IGBT, Production Welding Machine suitable for TIG and ARC welding processes


ITG 200P

Packed with features to make your job easier.

✓ Advanced Inverter Technology
✓ Inbuilt High Frequency (HF)
✓ Compact Size
✓ Easy to handle
✓ Stable and reliable welding current
✓ Low energy consumption
✓ Automatic Voltage pulsation current

ITG 200P is a single-phase Pulse Control TIG Welding Machine that is designed to offer heavy-duty performance for professional welding needs. It features advanced IGBT inverter technology, ensuring a stable and reliable welding current that provides excellent results with each use. The machine is equipped with inbuilt high frequency (HF) technology, which further enhances its welding capabilities, while its automatic current pulsation function provides greater control over the welding process. Its compact size and easy handling make the ITG 200P a popular choice for professionals who require a versatile welding machine for a range of different welding jobs. Its low energy consumption makes it an efficient and cost-effective option, reducing energy costs without compromising on performance. ITG 200P is ideal for welding a range of materials, including steel and stainless steel, making it a valuable addition to any workshop or welding setup.                                                           

Welds: Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel 

Industries: Automobile, Defence, Aerospace, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, General Fabrication, Thin sheet Fabrication, Kitchen and Pharmaceutical equipment, Heavy Engineering and Industrial Fabrication, Home appliances and critical components, Sheet Metal Works


ITG 200P

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