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Three phase, IGBT, Production Welding Machine suitable for MIG and ARC Welding Processes


MIG 400

Packed with features to make your job easier.

✓ Suitable for thin Sheet Welding
✓ Easy to Operate and Maintain
✓ Suitable for Continuous Operation
✓ High Speed Welding
✓ External Wire Feeder
✓ Recommended for Automation

MIG 400  is a heavy-duty, three-phase welding machine that incorporates IGBT technology for continuous welding. It is highly suitable for heavy fabrication and offers easy operation and maintenance. The MIG 400 also features high-speed welding capabilities and less spatter, making it ideal for continuous welding.  Its digital control is user-friendly and reliable. It is supplied with a user-friendly 4 roller External Wire Feeder.  MIG 400 can also be used for MMA and MAG Applications. This Machine can also weld Aluminium.                                                   

Welds: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium                                                        

Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Metal Fabrication, Shipbuilding, Defense and Military, Electrical Equipment, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage Industry, Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Petrochemical Industry


MIG 400

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