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Available from 50 kg to 30 tons. Drive: A.C. VFD -Drives. Tilting: Up to 135° at a fixed speed.(Special tilting arrangements can be made on request.)
Customizable Face Plate Dia

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Welding Rotator WM 500


Packed with features to make your job easier.

✓ Available from 50 Kgs. to 30 Tonnes

✓ Drive: A.C VFD – Drives

✓ Tilting: Up to 135° at a fixed speed

    (Special tilting arrangement can be done on request)

✓ Face Plate Dia: As per requirement

✓ Eccentricity and center of gravity of the job decides the capacity of     the drive

✓ Job holding Fixture (Optional): As per requirement

✓ Remote control: Through Pendent (Length: 5 Mtrs.)

WM 500 Welding Rotator, is a heavy-duty solution designed to meet the demands of large-scale welding projects. With a robust construction and a maximum load capacity of 50Kgs to 30tons, this welding rotator ensures stability and precision during the welding process. Its adjustable rotation speed and direction provide optimal positioning for workpieces of varying sizes and shapes. The user-friendly interface and advanced safety features make it easy to operate and ensure operator confidence. Whether you're welding massive pipes, tanks, or structural components, the WM 500 Welding Rotator delivers reliable performance, enhanced productivity, and impeccable weld quality.

Industries: Oil and Gas, Shipbuilding, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Pressure Vessel Manufacturing, Construction and Infrastructure Development, Steel Fabrication, Offshore and Marine, Mining and Minerals


Welding Rotator WM 500

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