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Three phase, IGBT, Production Plasma Cutting Machine with a maximum cutting thickness of 35-40 mm


IPS 100N

Packed with features to make your job easier.

✓ High Cutting Capacity
✓ Simple operation, smooth cutting surface.
✓ HF untouched Arc start cutting
✓ Light and Compact

IPS 100/IPS 100 N Plasma Cutting Machine is designed to deliver precise, clean, and consistent cuts with minimal dross and distortion. The machine uses advanced plasma cutting technology that generates a high-velocity jet of ionized gas to melt and cut through the metal. The plasma arc is created by ionizing the gas passing through a small orifice in the torch. IPS 100/IPS 100 N Plasma Cutting Machine is capable of cutting up to 35-40 mm thick MS materials, depending on the material type and quality. The machine has a duty cycle of 60% at the maximum cutting current, ensuring extended operation time for heavy-duty cutting applications. IPS 100/IPS 100 N Plasma Cutting Machine is suitable for Automation. It is easy to operate and maintain. The machine is also equipped with safety features such as over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection to ensure safe and reliable operation.                                       

Welds: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Aluminium                                                                                             

Industries: Metal Fabrication, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Construction, Aerospace, Agricultural Machinery, HVAC Systems, Oil and Gas


IPS 100N

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