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Three-phase, IGBT, Heavy Duty, Production Welding Machine

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Submerged ARC

SAW 650 1000 1250

Welding Machines in Coimatore

Enhance Your Welding Performance with our Standard and Optional Accessories

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

Alpha 500D Specifications

Packed with features to make your job easier.

✓ Latest Inverter Technology
✓ High speed welding on thin sheets
✓ Less Distortion
✓ Minimum Spatter
✓ Programmable Controller

SAW 650/1000/1250i are advanced Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) machines designed for welding heavy and thick steel structures. They use the latest inverter technology, which provides high-speed welding on thin sheets with less distortion and minimum spatter. These machines also come with a programmable controller, which can be used to set up various welding parameters to achieve the best welding results. Different lengths of rails can be used depending on the job involved.                                    

Welds: Steel, Stainless Steel                                                                          

Industries: Shipbuilding, Pressure vessel fabrication, Pipeline construction, Heavy equipment manufacturing, Railcar manufacturing, Wind tower fabrication, Oil and gas industry, Power generation industry, Steel mills, Metal fabrication shops


SAW 650 1000 1250

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